Monday, October 24, 2016

Android phone's battery hidden under a secret

Android phone's battery hidden under a secret
i watched a video the other day to see that there was some think hidden under the label of the gs4 battery so i decided to take a look if the same thing was under my battery too and guess what i found the exact same thing as was on the video
if you peal back the label on your battery of a gs4 phone and im told the gs5 phones as well you will find it on them as well
i think it is some think that is not needed and is not meant to be there what are Samsung really up too as ive pealed back the label on mines to reveal some think that is connected to the battery terminal im not shore what it is maybe it is some kind of aerial for transmitting info whit out are knowledge or some think like that

the person on the video actually claimed that they were actually taking not just info but actually getting access to your photos and videos and and every think else you do onthe phone